How to choose a heater

Some time in life it might happen that we have to decide, how to heat our home. There are so many different possibilities. It's definitely a hard choice to make. I would recommend a heater made of bricks. Why? Not only because this is what I build but also because I have gone through a lot of stages on this road. When I was a young man and just moved into my own house, I kicked out the brick heaters and replaced them with a central heating system. For many years I lived with the knowledge that this was the best solution for me. But now it has turned out that it isn't. I have tried quite a few other alternatives but finally came back to stage 1 – a brick heater. Heat coming from a live fire is something special; much better than any other kind of heat. But there is also a difference between a metal and a brick (stone) heater. I wouldn't recommend the metal one. The heat from it is too intensive and it will also make a problem to the chimney (talking from my personal experience).
You do not like to see the bricks on the brick heater? Well, you do not have to. Nowadays there are many possibilities to "dress up" your heater the way you like: you may paint it, cover it with stones, ceramic tiles, metal ornaments etc. Possibilities are almost endless. Actually, it is better if the bricks do not show – the quality of the heater would suffer if the stove-setter has to consider the looks more than the strength of the heater while building it. In some places it is better for the quality of the stove that the stove-setter does not follow the exact pattern set by the bricks. If the bricks would not be covered, then the pattern has to be followed and the looks of the heater will take the first place before the quality.
Firebox is one of the most important elements in a heater. This is where fuel is turned into heat. Burning process is of outmost importance – the higher the quality of burning, the more heat you will get and the less waste gas get into the nature.
After the heater is finished, you may decorate it the way you choose fit. You may also add a "leso" (warm bench) to it – to sit on it, keep your food warm, dry boots or clothes etc. Why not even take a nap on it on a cold winter day! It all depends on the length of the "leso".
You like to bake your own bread? Cook juicy hotpots in natural heat? You may add an oven to your heater. It may be closed (fire does not touch it, only the heat comes through) or open (open fire).

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